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Digital Signal Level Meter/DVB-C Analyzer


D201 - 46~870MHz;analog,digital channel power
D201B - 5~870MHZ;analog,digital channel power
D201C - 46~870MHZ;analog,digital channel power,MER,BER,Constellations
D201D - 5~870MHZ;analog,digital channel power,MER,BER,Constellations

Digital signal level meter d201

The D201 signal level meter is designed to provide the most desiring features at reduced cost. It performs fast and efficiently to take carrier amplitude measurements. It can also take the direct power measurement of DVB signals.

It simultaneously displays video carrier, audio carrier strength, V/A measure- ments, Tilt measurement, C/N measurement and Trunk voltage measure-ment.

The full-scan option and spectrum option provide you the features to view the carrier amplitude in a full-span display and spectrum analysis. The new digital analysis option adds digital signal testing that includes BER, MER.

The internal high volume NiMH battery supports your 5 hours continuous work after full charge. It’s durable, simple to use in a wide range of condi- tions. The tough plastic shell and protective jacket make it highly resistant to damage from shock and impact.
The meter has a 320*240 enlarged color LCD and the new screen graphics enhance readability and simplify operations. learned channel plans, changeable through PC, also has 2 user.

•Direct frequency input from 5MHz ~ 870MHz
•DVB average power measurement.
•Direct channel input of channel numbers
•Simultaneously displays video carrier and audio carrier strength, and V/A measurement
•Selectable dBmV and dBµV units
•Tilt measurement of three user definable channels
•Carrier-to-noise ratio measurement
•Trunk voltage measurement
•Large 128*64 dot matrix LCD display with back light
•RS-232C port with PC communication function
•battery-powered handheld model, Internal NiMH battery with included charger
•Rugged, compact and mobile, with rubber jacket, carry strap and manual
•Battery life: ≈5 hours