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Analog Signal Level Meter


RA2007 - Analog measurement, 5~870MHz;
0~9 Numeric Keys Input;
Wider LCD Display;
Dual Channel Measurement.

Channel/frequency Measurement
Frequency Range: 47MHz-870MHz(RA2007)
Frequency Resolution Ratio: 50 KHz
Measuring Hand-width: 280 KHz
Level Measurement
Measuring Range: 25dBmV-120dBmV
Measuring Accuracy: <±1.5dB
Resolution ratio: 0.1dB
Mode of Detection: peak detection
Input Impedance: 75Ω
Signal Input Range: >70dBmV
Measuring Accuracy: ±2dBmV
Voltage Measurement
Input Range: 30-80V (AC/DC)
Measuring Accuracy: ±2V
Resolution ratio: 1V
DC power supply
DC7.2V/1.5Ah (Built-in rechargeable battery)
AC power supply
AC220V/50Hz±40 %( 9Vcharger)
(For different countries and areas the specs may be different)
Working Conditions
Storage temperature -10--+50oC
Storage humidify 40%--80%RH
Recharge the battery once after stored over 6 months
Avoid mechanical vibration and punching