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Handheld Optical multimeter



Power meter parts

Measurement range -70~+3 or -50~+26
Type of probe InGaAs
Range of wave length 800~1700
Uncertainty ±5%
Standard wave length (nm) 850、980、1300、1310、1490、1550
Resolution Linear indication: 0.1% Logarithmic indication: 0.01dBm
Connector General setupuration:FC/PC SC/PC
Other setupuration LC/FC/SC/ST Many common interface

Light source parts

Model General setupurations 3 in 1 setupurations Other
Working wavelength (nm) 1310/1550 1310/1490 650 red light source D:850/1310/1550
Light-emitting device FP-LD
Optical output power (dBm) -7/-7 -7/-7 Red light source:1mW 0DB-7DB
Modulation CW/270/1K/2K
Type of optical fiber SM,MM
Connector FC/PC
Multi-mode output power ≥–20 dBm


Resolution Linear indication: 0.1% Logarithmic indication: 0.01dBm
Working temperature (℃) -16~+60
Storage temperature (℃) -25~+70
Auto power-off time (min) 10
Continuous working hours (h) more then 15 hours
Display 2.4 TFT color LED with backlight
Dimensions (mm) 190×100×48
Power supply Rechargeable lithium battery
Weight (g) 280