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Analog Signal Level Meter

RA2002-Analog signal level meter

RA2002 - Analog measurement, 46~870MHz;
RA2002Q - RA2002 + DVB Channel power;

analog signal level meter

The RA2002 analog signal level meter is an economical ideal instrument for the basic HFC network.

The RA2002 analog signal level meter is rugged, very simple and efficient to use, has a durable plastic shell and protective rubber jacket, is convenient for one hand operation.

Key features:

•Single channel measurement
•Single frequency measurement
•A/V, Dual Channel measuremen
•Voltmeter measurement
•Digital average power measurement


-Single channel mode displays the video level of the selected channel in the channel plan.
-Single Frequency Mode displays the frequency and level of the audio carrier for the selected channel.
-Voltmeter mode displays the battery voltage and trunk voltage.
-Dual Channel mode displays the video levels of any two selected channels in the plan