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PON Light Source<



Calibrating wave length 1310 upstream measurement 1490 downstream measurement 1550 downstream measurement
Spectral passband (nm) 1260~1360 1470~1505 1535~1570
Measurement range (dBm) -40~+10 -40~+10 -40~+20
Isolation 1310nm (dB) - >40 >40
Isolation 1490nm (dB) >40 - >30
Isolation 1550nm (dB) >40 >40 -
Measurement accuracy
Connatural uncertainty (dB) ±0.5
PDL (dB) <±0.25>
Linearity (dB) ±0.1
Pass through insertion loss (dB) <1.5
General Indicators
Display LCD 320×240
Unit dB dBm xW
Resolution 0.01dB
Input voltage DC 6.5V~8.5V
Rechargeable battery 7.4V
AC adapter 8.4V
Type of optical fibre Single mode optical fibre
Working temperature -10~60℃
Storage temperature -25~70℃
Dimensions (mm) 210 x 115 x 55