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2M/E1/Datacom Tester


RA4351 - 2M digital transmission analyzer (E1)

Brief Introduction

RA4351 2Mbit/s Digital Transmission Analyzer designed for the installation test, engineering check and acceptance, daily maintenance of digital networks, mainly performing channel test, alarm analysis, fault finding and signaling analysis.

Powerful functions are your great assistant. Volume adjustable, loudspeaker can be used. English/Chinese interface makes your work much simpler and easier. Multi-tasks work facilitates your test.

Key Features

1.The large screen with backlighting is displayed in Chinese/English, and the contrast can be adjusted manually. It can be clearly seen even in the burning sun or in the darkness.

2. The complete LED display makes the working state, signal structure and test results of the instrument much clearer.
3. The shortcut function key can be used to transform any menu interfaces at any moment.
4. Digital volume control can monitor any phone at any moment.
5. Soft switch of power supply can realize the functions of timed start and timed test, etc.
6. Clear historical alarm records at any moment
7. Inject outburst error or rate error at any moment
8. Freely run or stop test
9. The display of test setup and test result can be freely transformed.
10. Intuitionistic direction keys make setting simple and effective, and can randomly zoom or move the histogram.
11. The built-in high-performance backup battery can successively work for 5 hours when the power is full.
12. We expediently enter into many additional functions with function keys, and can select the needed functions through the concise menu without complex operations.
13. RS232 printing interface can print any single screen result or the whole results.
14. The data port can be transformed into V series interface of various standards and co-directional
15. The side sketch map: Balance and unbalance interfaces can be well used in all kinds of occasions.
16. One key could transmit the Chinese interface to English interface.

Main Functions

Test items for 2Mbit/s digital interface:

●Service interruption error testing

●On line error testing
●Bit error, coding error, frame error, CRC error, E bit error performance testing
●Test pattern sliding testing
●Clock sliding testing
●Signal loss, AIS alarm, remote frame alarm, remote alarm Multi-frame, frame out-of-step, test pattern warning out-of-step testing
●Line signal frequency testing
●Road access signal level and frequency testing
●Signal status display
●Access channel busy or free display
●Through testing mode
●Delay loop testing
●Automatic protection switching time testing
●Signal waveform template testing
●Time slot content Analysis
●G.821, G.826, and M.2100 error performance analysis
●Dual 2Mbit / s at the same time detection, two-way monitor

Test items for RS232, RS485, RS449, V.35, V.36, EIA530, EIA530A, X.21 digital interface:

●Service interruption error testing
●Bit error,
●Test pattern sliding testing
●Signal loss and alarm testing
●Line signal frequency testing
●Loop delay testing
●Automatic protection switching time testing
●G.821 error performance analysis