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2M/E1/Datacom Tester


Technical Specifications

Output interface impendence 75 Ω balanced, 120 Ω balanced, conforming to G.703 requirements
Input impendence Terminating imbalance:75Ω
Terminating Balance 120Ω, Reflect loss more than 18dB during 50Hz to 3100HZ
Bridge Balance: more than 750Ω, Bridge Imbalance: more than 1200Ω
Balance monitor: 120Ω,20dB gain
Imbalance monitor: 75Ω, 20dB gain
Signal structure 1.Unframed
2.Frame (PCM30, PCM31, PCM30CRC, PCM31CRC), conforming to G.704
Line code HDB3 or AMI
Signal rate 2048 kbit/s+50ppm
Out side Clock input 1. Signal mode:HDB3,NRZ
2.Terminating Balance 120Ω, Terminating imbalance:75oh Bridge Balance: more than 1200Ω, Bridge Imbalance: more than 75Ω
Test pattern 2E6-1,2E9-1,2E11-1,2E15-1, 2E20-1, 2E23-1, and Artificial code
Free TS pattern: 8bit man mode
Code error insertion FAS ERR:once, continuous twice, continuous 3 times, continuous 4 Times
BIT ERR:single 1E-2~1E-7
Other Specifications
Power Input AC220V 50HZ
Power Output DC 12.6V 1A
Battery Duration 5hs (except Modem status),4000mAH 7.2V Rechargeable Li battery
Dimensions/Weight 200mm×160mm×42mm/0.98kg(With battery)