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Fusion Splicer

Special Terms-AV6471 Fusion Splicer

AV6471 - Fusion Splicer;

1. SM
Single Mode Fiber
2. MM
Multimode Fiber
3. DSM
Dispersion Shifted Fiber
Non-zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber
5.Cleave Length
The prepared fiber as figure 2-1, refers to the bare fiber length after cleaving. The typical value is 10mm~16mm.
fusion splicer
Figure 2-1
6. Bare fiber
The Optical Fiber whose coat is removed is called Bare Fiber.
The image of fibers on screen is as figure 2-2 and figure 2-3, the position of the two fibers is displayed by two image of fiber in vertical direction signed by ‘X’ and ‘Y’. The text on the top of the screen is the index of used fusion parameter group.
fusion splicer
Figure 2-2
fusion splicer
Figure 2-3
The operation makes the internal execution parts and circuit parameters return to their initial status. Once reset, the Splicer is capable of splicing again.
9. Alignment
The operation is to adjust the two fibers, so that they are in the same direction. If they are not properly aligned, there will be deviations in the horizontal (x-axis) and vertical (y-axis) directions, which are called radial offset. The alignment operation controls the radial offset within the allowable range.
10. Estimated Splice Loss
The splicer calculates the loss at the splicing point according to the fiber images. The results are reliable when the splicing is done correctly.
11. Fiber Protection Sleeve
Used to protect the splicing point, as shown in the following figure.
fusion splicer