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Optical Power Meter

RA3209-optical power meter

RA3209A - -70~+3dBm;
RA3209B - -50~+26dBm;

Operating Instructions-RA3209 Optical Power Meter

Power ON/OFF-RA3209 Optical Power Meter

1. Press and hold ON/OFF on the panel till information appears in LCD.

2. Press ON/OFF on the panel, information disappears from LCD, the meter is powered off.

Measure absolute optical power-RA3209 Optical Power Meter

1. Power on the optical power meter.

2. Set wavelength to be measured, press λ key to select wave length, the default wavelength will be 1310nm.

3. Connect in the light to be measured, the values that screen shows are current measurement results, including linear and non-linear power value

Measure relative optical power-RA3209 Optical Power Meter

1. Set wavelength to be measured.

2. Connect in the light to be measured while in absolute measurement mode, get current power value.

3. Press db key, current optical power value will become current reference value (in unit of dBm).

4. Connect in another light to be measured, the absolute optical power value and relative optical power value of current light will appear in the screen.